LOS ANGELES — A Hollywood style celebration, all for the environment in the Philippines.

Mama Earth, Regime 72, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and ABS-CBN Foundation International teamed up for the One Peace Music Festival to benefit #Pride4PI.

The evening featured a night of food music and artwork, with a portion of the proceeds going to the ABS-CBN Foundation International.

Filipinos celebrites like Lou Diamond Philips, boxing champion Brian Viloria, and Fox’s Maria Quiban and Bobby deCastro added to the star power — which featured a ukulele autographed by Kailani’s brother, Bruno Mars.

“What we’re doing is educating, we’re using the star power and the celebrities to educate what we’re doing. This isn’t for show, this is about education and that’s the most important thing everyone has to understand why,” said Lanai Tabura.

While not everyone could make it to the festival, onepeace.org has some of the art pieces left for sale with the proceeds continuing to go to the cause.

This one peace festival is just the beginning, organizers are planning more events in the coming months — all of them hoping to raise awareness of environmental issues in the Philippines.

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