The power of education gives people the ability to change their lives. Carol Maya is a testament to this incredible feat. She is one of seven children. Her mother worked day and night to single-handedly support the family after Carol's father stopped sending remittances abroad.

Carol's mother endured a lot for the family to get by. She took up manicure and pedicure jobs, cleaning requests, and even laundry items. Being a resourceful person, Carol's mother cooked up bread rolls to sell in their schools. All of these she does while working as a community worker and an assistant secretary for Looc-Balete Development Association, Inc., an ABS-CBN cooperative program on sustainable and caring communities.

"I'm thankful to ABS-CBN and its donors. I hope that you are able to help more people like me who do not have the resources to reach their dreams." - Carol Maya, ABS-CBN Scholar

Through her mother's relentless hardwork and ABS-CBN's intervention, Carol was able to enroll at Punlaan School where she was able to gain skills in the restaurant and hospitality sector.

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