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Giving the youth access to better educational resources

Programa Genio is the foundation's educational advocacy arm. The programs focuses on working with public elementary and high schools across the country to discover and develop the inherent genio or genius in every child. We focus and help with a HEART, H-health, E-education, A-access, and equity to quality education, R-reaffirming hopes and dreams of tomorrow, T-training stakeholders in nation (re) building.

It is Programa Genio's goal to deliver world-class library and information services for the local and national scholarly community. The foundation believes in providing support to some of the country's public schools in order for future graduates to contribute to the betterment of society.

Providing schools with better access to learning materials and skills-building activities would cultivate an environment in which students are challenged. Giving students access encourages them to seek education and information on their own.

With your help, we can build better libraries in more public schools nationwide.

Programa Genio has been instrumental in building better libraries in different public schools in the country. One such school was the Marabut Central Elementary School located in Barangay Amantillo, Marabut, Samar. Some of its students come from impoverished families and 10% come from indigenous peoples of the Mamanwa tribe. When the school was built, it did not have a library. In addition, since the school is located within a coastal town it was severely affected when Typhoon Haiyan struck in 2013. Marabut Central Elementary School became a priority for the foundation as teachers had to contend with limited resources and makeshift study areas for the students. One of the schools teachers expressed her gratitude for the library saying "This is the first time the school has these kinds of materials in our class. This library is such a big help for the children. We saw the changes in their attitude towards learning to love reading books. We no longer need to use our own personal money to buy books since we now have so many books. Thank you Programa Genio!"
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Build libraries in more barangays

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