Money should never be an issue to reach one's full potential. Kimberly Bataller proves that having limited resources should not stop a person from getting a quality education.

Growing up with eight siblings, life was hard for Kimberly in her hometown in Looc, Batangas, Philippines. Her parents parents struggled to put food on the table and keep the children in school. The income of Kimberly's father as a construction worker was not enough for a family like theirs. Kimberly would have wanted to take up engineering in college, but this never happened.

Opportunity came for Kimberly when ABSCBN offered scholarship assistance through its partner institution, Punlaan School. Having seen Kimberly's dedication and passion to pursue a brighter path, ABSCBN provided full scholarship assistance to help her while enrolled in Punlaan.

"Without ABSCBN, I would not be where I am. I would not reach my dream of becoming a culinary chef."
- Kimberly Bataller, ABSCBN Scholar

Kimberly graduated in 2018. She is now using her knowledge in hospitality and culinary arts as an employee of Manila's renowned restaurants. She plans to work in a cruise ship to further develop her skills and ultimately give back to her family who continuously supports her.

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