An Afternoon of Love

AFI is partnering with iLove to build empowered communities in the Philippines. For questions about donations, you may email


To kick off the year, ABS-CBN Foundation International is partnering with iLove to help develop 8 communities in the Philippines through its Quest for Love campaign.

The Quest for Love is a nation-wide search for Loving Organizations seeking to transform marginalized communities into viable localised economic zones, such as successful resource-based agro-forestry, fisheries, or eco-tourism sites and the like. Through the Quest, the Investments in Loving Organizations for Village Economies (ILOVE) Foundation and its partners will provide financial and technical support to eight (8) deserving organizations, with the hopes of promoting wide-spread social and environmental development.

For questions about donations you may e-mail Jerry Bennet, AFI Managing Director, at For questions or more information about the iLove eco sites you may visit or e-mail the iLove team at

On January 15, ABS-CBN Foundation International hosted an afternoon of love, bringing together like-minded individuals and groups who want to give back to the motherland. Learn More

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